The principal reason this would be used to get is chatting from Sunxuemei's blog

The principal reason RuneScape gold this would be used to get is chatting. One day you meet up with your buddy, you both sit down and talk. It makes runescape just a bit more realistic. thats about it. I really don't see why this can't be done. And I see how it can lead to"enormous lagg", But if you still dont support, so be it. People who encourage, I thank you greatly.

That is a fairly small update: All it will be a new pest control boat for people under level 40 that wish to play pc. The principal suggestion of this thread. Heres the idea: A safe, f2p minigame as maintanance to replace MSSWs (Multi Site Steel Wars). From the lobby, you have to put a group resister in, which looks like a huge dining table in the lobby. You will also select a team name, or make it blank to use your name. Other titles of groups will also show. To chalenge a team/teams, check off the teams with the box next to the name. Every player who is a pioneer / overall will get a message simmaller into the clan wars message stating"you have been challenged to a warfare" If you click it, it will present your possible competitors. The ones who accepted will have thier titles in green, the ones who declined in crimson, along with many others who didnt respond in blue. It would apear somthing like this. Ignore what's from the parenthesies:

If you ignore for two minutes, you atomaticly decline. Once you accept, go into the waiting room. In the waiting area, you can set up alliances by way of a thing simaller to the clan wars view orb. You send an admin petition to the team leader. By way of instance, state Sal sent me a ally request. He would find this:

Salmoneus has sent you a petition to ally with Sal's Realm. If you click on the message, you'll be an ally. After 2 minutes from the very first team creating the chalenge, all from the waiting room will be teled into a random corner of the arena. It's a whole lot bigger than clan wars. On the minimap, these color dots mean these items: Yellow: Enemy. Blue: your team. Freinds and group cape dots are shifted to thier respective team dots. The conflict continues untill one group / group of allied teams eliminates everyone else. Should you die, you are cheap RS gold teleed into a cell similar to clan wars.

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